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Duo Naranjo-Weurlander is currently working on new programs for Duo & Chamber Orchestra, Duo & String Quartet and Duo & Wind Orchestra. These amazing cooperations will take place with different ensembles in Europe. Music for instance by Tania Naranjo(CHL), Minna Weurlander(FIN) and  Saul Cosentino(ARG). More information to come soon!

We are also very proud  to announce that one of our future productions for 2019 will be ”Master Meeting with DUO NARANJO-WEURLANDER, percussion duo MALLEUS INCUS and composer TOBIAS BROSTRÖM. Premiere Autumn 2019.

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Duo Naranjo-Weurlander is nominated for the Artist of the year by The Folk and World Music Gala 2018 in Sweden.

The Folk and World Music Gala is a collaboration project between several institutions and organisations in the folk and world music field in Sweden.The intention is to raise the interest and status of folk and world music and help musicians with marketing and promotion both in Sweden and abroad. Sweden is a rich country musically and the gala want to emphasise the high quality and increased professionalism of folk and world music in Sweden of today.

NEW ALBUM RELEASE INFINITY 11/9 2017 at Malmö Opera!


  • Next exciting project is ready! PULSE ELECTRA with Duo Naranjo-Weurlander working together with soundcomposer Jörgen Teller(DK)

Pulse Electra Tania NaranjoPulse Electra Minna Weurlander



  • 28/10 Umeå Jazzfestival, Duo Naranjo-Weurlander
  • 27/10  Trollhätan Jazz & Bluesfestival, Sweden, Duo Naranjo-Weurlander
  • 16/9 Lund, Duo Naranjo-Weurlander
  • 9/7 Julitafestivalen, Sweden , Duo Naranjo-Weurlander
  • 5/5    Palladium-Malmö, Duo Naranjo-Weurlander
  • April 2017 Duo Naranjo-Weurlander  CD recording
  • April 2017 Duo Naranjo-Weurlander working on project PULSE ELECTRA
  • 26/3  Folketshus,Värnersborg, Duo Naranjo-Weurlander
  • 18/3   Folk & Världsmusikgalan , Helsingborg Concerthall, Duo Naranjo-Weurlander, Swedish radio live.”Soleil”  by Tania Naranjo commissioned by Swedish Radio
  • 15/3  Crescendo,Norrköping Duo Naranjo-Weurlander
  • 19/2  Tour in Germany,  Hamburg, Berlin and Hannover, Naranjo-Weurlander
  •  18/2  Duo Naranjo Weurlander with Stockholm Blåsarsymfonikerna -Music by Weurlander/Naranjo



New videos  DUO NARANJO WEURLANDER with The Swedish Wind Ensemble!




  • Autumn tour  2015 in Sweden 


  • 12347914_1107033009306746_1322019345680411586_nSupported by the Swedish Arts Council, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee  and the Swedish Performing Arts  Agency.


  • 9-21/7 2015 DUO TOURS IN CANADA!


  • Duo Naranjo-Weurlander will participate at  WOMEX 14 in Galicia 22-26/10 2014!


  • Concerts in Paris 8-10/11!
flyer Paris 1 jpg
Live in Swedish Radio P2 
Melankoliskt, trösterikt och visionärt med Duo Naranjo Weurlander.



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