About Duo Naranjo-Weurlander


download“…world class duo with passion, sadness, virtuosity and impetuous joy…”


Tania Naranjo‘s and Minna Weurlanders paths crossed through their shared love of Tango Nuevo. It was of course more than just the geographical distance that separated Minna’s childhood in Finland from Tania’s childhood in Chile. Even so, their temperament and mentality are very much alike. Entwined is the duo’s first album, consisting  mostly of their own compositions. 

Duo Naranjo-Weurlander has appeared  multiple times on the Swedish National Radio and  the latest album  ENTWINED recived fantastic reviews.  The Duo tours  now frequently in  Europe and Scandinavia.


Duo Naranjo-Weurlander 2













Duo Naranjo-Weurlander is  a cross-border duo in a broad sense. Although their music originates from two different cultures, there are more things that unite than separate them. The intensity, the power, the melancholy and the expressive phrasings are a common feature in their music.

They have ability to rapidly vacillate from duo playing into functioning as one body with a seemingly common thought and direction. Through a large number of concerts they know each other’s instincts so well that they simply let the music flow. Maybe each of them has found her musical soul mate. Maybe the music is a  universal language that unites  more than it separates.

Tania Naranjo grew up in Santiago, Chile. Early on she came in contact with, and developed a strong passion for, Classical piano and Chilean folk music. Tania is an established pianist and singer living in Sweden and has performed her own music       worldwide in solo concerts, with symphony orchestras and with her own constellations.

In Tania’s compositions and her musical expression there is room for a driving rhythm along with creativity and improvisation which can be heard i.e. on her solo album La industria del miedo . Her music is inspired by jazz, Argentine tango, 20th century modern composers and urban Chilean music along with Andean folk music.


Minna Weurlander was born and raised in Finland. Music brought her to Sweden where she is active as a concert accordionist and composer. She has worked with everything from symphony orchestras to contemporary, experimental dance and theater along with film productions. Minna frequently experiments with the accordion’s various sonorities, its percussive qualities and massive sound.
Her music and her playing style has been heavily influenced by the Russian accordion tradition and of course by the Argentine Tango. Minna has previously released two solo albums, “Usva” and Señora del Destino”.

Minna Weurlander


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