New videos. Duo with Stockholm Symphonic Wind Orchestra



Impro (musik: Naranjo/Weurlander arr: Weurlander) Duo Naranjo-Weurlander & Swedish Winds Ensemble conductor: Jonas Dominique

“MOVIE” Music by Minna Weurlander (arr: Jonas Dominique). Duo Naranjo-Weurlander & Swedish Winds Ensemble


“MOVIE” with Duo Naranjo-Weurlander & Swedish Wind Ensemble MUSIC: Minna Weurlander Arr: P-O Ukkonen, Jonas Dominique, conductor

PULSE ELECTRA produced by MWmusica (M.Weurlander) in cooperation with Valle Music(T.Naranjo). Work in progress. Coming out soon!




More tour dates coming soon!

  • 28/10 Umeå Jazzfestival, Duo Naranjo-Weurlander 
  • 27/10  Trollhätan Jazz & Bluesfestival, Sweden, Duo Naranjo-Weurlander
  • 16/9 Lund, Duo Naranjo-Weurlander
  • 9/7 Julitafestivalen, Sweden , Duo Naranjo-Weurlander
  • 5/5    Palladium-Malmö, Duo Naranjo-Weurlander
  • April 2017 Duo Naranjo-Weurlander  CD recording 
  • April 2017 Duo Naranjo-Weurlander working on project PULSE ELECTRA
  • 26/3  Folketshus,Värnersborg, Duo Naranjo-Weurlander
  • 18/3   Folk & Världsmusikgalan , Helsingborg Concerthall, Duo Naranjo-Weurlander, Swedish radio live.”Soleil”  by Tania Naranjo commissioned by Swedish Radio
  • 15/3  Crescendo,Norrköping Duo Naranjo-Weurlander
  • 19/2  Tour in Germany,  Hamburg, Berlin and Hannover, Naranjo-Weurlander
  •  18/2  Duo Naranjo Weurlander with Stockholm Blåsarsymfonikerna -Music by Weurlander/Naranjo




  • Duo made success in Lithuania (nov. 2016). Sold out concerts in Kaunas and Vilnius!



  • Duo Naranjo-Weurlander plays in Gerlesborg, Sweden 7/10, Baltic tour 3-8/11 2017,
  • 4/11 Kaunas Lithuania, Kauno valstybinė filharmonija.

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Supported by the Swedish Arts Council, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee  and the Swedish Performing Arts  Agency.12347914_1107033009306746_1322019345680411586_n



DUO NARANJO WEURLANDER  on Sweden tour in October and November 2015.

View tour dates here!          

TANIA Y MINNA LA FOTO jpgdownloadspotify

Now booking 2015/16 . Available for festivals and  concert series. Supported by the Swedish Arts Council, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee  and the Swedish Performing Arts  Agency.


Duo Naranjo Weurlander at Kultrún World Music Festival & Pan Am Games Showcase July 9 to 12, 2015! See new concert and tour dates here!



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